Episode 11: The Dream(cast) is Dead

Additional notes:

If there was an example of “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” when it comes to my own experience with console video games… the abbreviated Dreamcast era is it. As I mentioned in the video, I’m still a little bitter about what happened to this day, and we’re 13 years later.

I was so gung-ho about the Dreamcast and its potential back in 1999 that I mortgaged a lot of my video game library at the time to be able to afford everything I wanted, which came to more than $700. It was, in retrospect, a foolish decision– I parted with my NES collection at that time to “upgrade”, and that was just plain dumb. I’ve since had to start over, which began on my 40th birthday in 2012, but I may never get back everything that I gave up. It’s not that I didn’t have a great experience with the Dreamcast for the short time that it was relevant, but I learned a valuable lesson in committing so much to a console launch; it’s better to gradually work your way in and stay within your spending means instead of trading away what you own and play.

The video game store owner that I sold the Dreamcast to was very understanding about the situation, and he ultimately did make most of the money back that he gave to me. In fact, I wound up working for him later that year, including earning a spot on his weekly radio show as video game news anchor.

The story had multiple happy endings, I guess.


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