Pete Plays: Bases Loaded ’96 (PlayStation)

Post-production notes:

Bases Loaded ’96 feels a lot like a 16-bit baseball game with an early 32-bit coat of paint. That’s really the best way to describe it; the players are all blocky and polygonal, but the animation is smooth and there’s some neat camera work. The sound is obviously better, in terms of quality, but that organ music WILL drive you nuts. The sound is also lacking versus Konami’s Bottom of the 9th, which was released around the same time. I might do a Pete Plays on that soon. 

This video is a teaser of sorts for the baseball game episode that I’m going to be doing sometime within the next few weeks. I haven’t yet decided the format, or even if I’ll break it down into two episodes (like a Baseball Week), but it’s something that I definitely want to do with Spring Training in full swing and the regular baseball season not too much farther away.

Technically speaking, I’m still tinkering with microphone position off-camera. I know that, when I’m not facing the microphone, my voice kind of dies. The problem is that I run into issues in other positions. Too close to the TV and I get interference. Too close to the laptop and I get fan noise. So… I’ve found a spot that’s to my left… but the TV is to my right, so when I turn to see what the heck I’m doing, my back is to the microphone. Obviously, a stand is probably a good idea. I just have to find one– and then a decent spot to set it up. At least, when I’m facing the microphone, my voice is projecting a lot better.

As always, thanks for watching, everyone. Look for a return to a regular shooting schedule (Tuesday & Thursday episodes) this coming week.


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