April Vlog: Birthday Month!

Post-production notes:

So, yes. My birthday is a big deal– at least, to me it is. I’m making almost a whole month out of it, at least in terms of episode content.

I’ve seen, played, and experienced a lot in my nearly 42 years. 38 of those years have involved playing some kind of video game. I’ve written about this before, but video gives me a way to just rattle off memories… kind of like a gaming autobiography.

That’s what I’m going for this month. From my first experiences with PONG back in 1976 to my decision to drop modern console gaming and go retro in 2013, I’m going to touch on a lot over the next few episodes. There won’t be any reviews here– just citations of games and systems, along with events in my life that were happening at around the same time. Determining what each episode entails– and how to separate them– is a challenge, but I’m hopeful that you’ll enjoy the videos as they’re released.

If nothing else, this series will be there to remind me of what was… as I age and my memories dim… and, since I don’t have any children to pass these memories on to, sharing them with friends and viewers is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

As for the “big day”, I’m excited. Birthdays to me are times of rejuvenation and of joy. Making it through another year of life is an achievement… and, while my body is protesting Father Time, my mind refuses to follow suit. I still think and act like a 25 year-old, even if my reflexes aren’t quite as sharp as they once were. Some fear turning another year older; I welcome it. It gives me a chance to celebrate, which is something that I don’t take for granted. Life can’t be a party all the time– at least, not for most people– so when the opportunity presents itself, I try to take full advantage. Admittedly… I enjoy being in the spotlight, too. (I blame my karaoke days for this flaw.)

And, yes, the birthday list I made for Amazon is crazy. I do it for family and friends to look at, primarily because they don’t always know what games/systems I have or want… plus Amazon is fast-becoming the only place around these parts to carry a lot of retrogaming stuff that I haven’t already started to add to my collection from. It was doubly-important to use Amazon this year because of my PlayStation 2 issues. Between the drive starting to go and my controller doing whatever the heck it wants, it made sense to seek out a new PS2 unit if I could, instead of risking things and buying used. There’s some other stuff on the list, too. I’d probably go all N64 Kid if Space Megaforce (SNES) or Lords of Thunder (SEGA CD) showed up at my house. I almost did when my mom got Axelay (SNES) and Road Rash (SEGA CD) for me last Christmas… but it proved that creating and maintaining that list is a good idea.

Finally… thanks to all of you for watching my videos, and thanks to those who have subscribed to the YouTube channel. Seriously, I pegged the number of subscribers I’d wind up with to be a low number, so it’s a huge compliment to see 110+ people subscribed and interesting in my work. It really should be “work” in quotes, since it never feels like work to me. Heck, I’d shoot more videos if I didn’t think that viewers might eventually tire of seeing my mug on their monitors. Needless to say, Retro Unscripted is a project that I’m very proud of… and one that has a long future ahead of it. I hope that you’ll keep following along.

Stay tuned for Episode 21!


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