Episode 24: Beginning of the End (2001-present)

Post-production notes:

This is the last in my Birthday Month miniseries of episodes that basically chronicled my life, as it pertained to video games. These recollections and what was basically 40 years of life condensed into a couple of hours were important for me to film. It’s a video legacy of my life. As I age and my memory gradually erodes, it’s going to be nice to replay these videos and just remember. They’ll provide me with moments of clarity as they evoke other memories within me.

I realize that, especially without scripts, sometimes these video tend to run on and on… but I’ve been very fortunate and grateful that many viewers gave them a chance and reacted so positively to them.

So… what does “Beginning of the End” mean? Well, it’s a nod to my decision to part ways with modern console gaming after all these years, and the video highlights some of the things that led to this decision. Admittedly, it’s a bit odd when I respond to the “PS4 or Xbox One?” question with “Neither”, but it’s the truth. Older games and systems are where my happy place is. I haven’t felt this good about gaming in a long time. The beginning of a new generation allowed me the chance to break away cleanly, without spending any money on hardware or games and then regretting it later because the things I disliked so much for the generation prior continue to repeat themselves. I’m having a lot more fun now, buying games is a lot cheaper now, and the cynicism that I developed over the last five years is starting to melt away.

Of course, this isn’t the End. It’s a rebirth of sorts. I’ve found a new community, a new comfort zone, and new opportunities. I’m not done with console gaming–  not by a long shot.

As always, thanks for watching!


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