Episode 26: Had To Be There

Post-production notes:

This episode came about largely because of a reaction that I had to a video on Retroware posted by Shane (Rerez). Shane didn’t like Tomcat Alley (SEGA CD) very much, and I countered that it was because it’s a “had to be there” kind of game. It’s a game that doesn’t necessarily hold up well against today’s gaming standards, but it was impressive for its time.

In this video, I touch on Tomcat Alley, as well as other games that fit this description. Reviewing games of yesteryear without having seen or experienced them when they were new sometimes leads to an unsatisfactory outcome. Of course I’ll admit that Tomcat Alley is a flawed experience. Some of the gameplay elements are kind of abstract (unless players read the manual), and there’s not a whole lot of interaction– which is definitely an issue for today’s video game players, who expect a lot more than what’s seen here. At the same time, though, the full-motion video was still pretty new to video game console owners… and Tomcat Alley was a lot closer to Top Gun than any other flight game we’d experienced up to that point in time. We felt like we were really in the cockpit– and, honestly, we kind of were.

Shane does some great work, by the way. You can check him out on Retroware or on his YouTube channel.

As always, thanks so much for watching!


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