Pete Plays: Galaga (Coin-op, via PlayStation 2)

Post-production notes:

As I continue to catch up and quickly update the blog with April’s videos, post-production notes will be on the brief side.

As of today, the International Classic Video Game Tournament at FunSpot is 24 days away. This means that time is running short to get my practice in for the event… so I spent some time here practicing Galaga. It’s definitely a challenge to play and offer commentary at the same time; I find myself making silly mistakes because my attention is divided. It will be different at the tournament, of course, but Galaga does present challenges that I still struggle with to this day.

Being aware of enemy entrance and attack patterns is only half the battle. Firing accuracy and avoiding the propensity to drift into the left or right corners– and thus limit incoming fire evasion– are also big keys to success.

I’m nowhere near as good as the elite players at Galaga, but it’s nice that I can consistently rack up six-figure scores. In fact, I’m a much better player now than I was at any earlier point in my life… and that includes when my reflexes were arguably sharper. I attribute that to being better at recognizing enemy patterns and basic memorization skills that come with playing the game as many times as I have over the years. The experience definitely comes in handy.

As always, thanks for watching!


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