Pete Plays: High Speed (NES)

Post-production notes:

I’m in the midst of catching up on cross-posting the videos here on the blog after a very busy April, so these notes will be pretty short. Look for a return to more detailed notes starting with Episode 27.

I shot this video in honor of the the release of High Speed on the Pinball Arcade app for iOS. After years of waiting for a straight port, it’s nice to have another option to get my red light running on. The NES version was never bad– but some of RARE’s design decisions kind of bothered me, like that (expletive withheld) tumbleweed/dust storm/tornado that captured so many of my pinballs over the years. I still HATE that thing; it completely wrecks any “zone” that I get into and disturbs pacing.

That said, it was the only way to play High Speed— other than finding the actual pinball machine– for years, and I have and will always appreciate it.

As always, thanks for watching!


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