Pete Plays: Big Ol’ Bass 2 (PlayStation)

Post-production notes:

Sometimes you come across a game that winds up being a bit of a surprise. That’s what Big Ol’ Bass 2 was for me. Sure, it can be looked at as just another fishing game– and who plays those, anyway?– but the World Monster Fishing mode in this game makes it stand out, based on cranking the Crazy Quotient (CQ) to 11.

Never mind the made-up fish that Big Ol’ Bass 2 has you catching. Bass that look like American Flags? Perch with peace signs emblazoned on their scales? A Tyrannosaurus Rex? I’m not kidding. All of these– and more– await virtual anglers in this gameplay mode. Then you’ve got this crazy editor/boss that you collect these fish for (and yes, why wouldn’t her name be Jennifer Clam?) and a nutty play-by-play commentary team that sounds like its lines were lifted from other games or completely improvised, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

This episode runs a little long– more than 30 minutes– but it gives you just a glimpse into the Big Ol’ Bass 2 experience.

It’s a pretty cheap game to add to your library; it runs less than $6 on average for a complete copy.


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