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Episode 23: URNOT(red)E (1995-2001)

Post-production notes:

As I continue to catch up on posting April’s videos here on the blog, the post-production notes will continue to be brief.

There’s no question that the PlayStation was a big deal to me. From the first time I tried Ridge Racer, I knew that I had to have one– and I continue to enjoy PlayStation games to this day. In fact, I spent a good part of a recent afternoon playing games like NHL Championship 2000 and Big Ol’ Bass 2. Sure, the graphics may not have aged very well in many cases (as compared to what we see today), but that doesn’t mean that the games are any less enjoyable to me.

I could have covered so much more in this video, like the epic year of 1997 that delivered games like Ace Combat 2, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, PaRappa the Rapper, and more. I could’ve mentioned how the PlayStation introduced me to Tekken, or how I got my space combat game fix with Wing Commander III & IV, the Colony Wars series, and more. I spent a lot of time on the PlayStation, and it even competed for playing time against my Dreamcast in 2000-01.

I’ll probably revisit the PlayStation in a later episode– especially if I get my hands on an actual PlayStation console again (versus playing the games on my PS2, like I do now).

As always, thanks so much for watching.


Episode 14: Signposts

Post-production notes:

Boy, do I miss FuncoLand. I might do an episode on my time in gaming retail in the future, but of the memories that I carry with me from my time there… these games that I mention here are pretty notable.

There were others, too; NFL Blitz and Mortal Kombat 4 (PlayStation versions) were the first games that I had bought when I first started there. I also went on to buy F-Zero X, Rogue Squadron, and Ocarina of Time (all Nintendo 64) during 1998… but I decided to focus on generally lesser-known titles. I added Metal Gear Solid to the mentions because, as I said during the video, I might not have played it or had any interest in it if it hadn’t been for my store manager at the time.

I know that Irritating Stick, South Park, and Star Soldier aren’t the best of games… but their greatness– or lack thereof– isn’t why I have these games in my library. When I play these games, my mind drifts back some 15-16 years. It’s kind of nice, because my life was a lot different then. I was working in my (then-) dream job, surrounded by video games. My personal life was turning around after dark chapters in the death of a close family member and the pain of being cheated on in an intimate relationship that I’d poured everything into. Things were looking up, and these games are my reminders of the upside of life.

My life certainly isn’t bad right now, but I’m much older as I work at getting my degree and finding a career that suits me. It’s a much tougher road to walk when you’re in your 40s than when you’re in your 20s and trying to rebuild.

As my 42nd birthday draws closer (April 22), expect to see a few more episodes that focus on these kinds of relationships between my life and video games. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Episode 5: 1st and 30

In this episode, I continue my look back at Midway’s arcade sports game dynasty with a breakdown of the NFL Blitz series.

The timing is perfect, leading up to the NFL Conference Championship games this weekend. Also, you’ll notice that I’m sporting my PlayStation 2-branded football jersey in this episode. I thought about breaking out one of my NFL jerseys, but this pick made more sense.

I’m taking the weekend off, but will be back next week to wrap up my Midway Sports mini-series and move on to other topics. In the meantime, thanks to all of you for watching the episodes and subscribing to the YouTube channel. 200 views and 30 subscribers in the first 10 days is a start that’s far better than I ever imagined for what’s a fun project for me. It means a lot that so many of you watch and like it.

Episode 4: The Return of Frankencow

Episode 4: The Return of Frankencow is now live and ready for viewing!

After covering the first couple of NBA Jam titles in Episode 3, I decided to dig a bit deeper into Midway’s sports games— and into a couple of games that came after the sale of the NBA Jam IP and gameplay engine to Acclaim.

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